Shiny R.Lum - Interactive web applications for the R packages Luminescence and ESR


What is Shiny

Shiny is a web application framework for R. More specifically it is an R package from RStudio that makes it easy to build interactive web applications with R. With only a few lines of code a user interface can be built. Based on this, we developed so-called Shiny Apps for functions of the R packages Luminescence and ESR, which benefit greatly from an easy-to-use graphical interface.

Why to use Shiny

To work with the R package Luminescence in a local R environment some knowledge of the R language is needed. By launching the Shiny Apps we want to provide access to the functionality of the R packages Luminescence and ESR without these requirements so that the unskilled user can gain some experience and take full advantage of selected functions, before starting to work with the R.Luminescence package in his local R environment.

How to use the Shiny apps

a) Newbies
You can use the Shiny-apps by entering the website                           
where the apps are hosted. There you can try out the functionality of the apps without any requirements. You may use the existing example data, or upload your own data set in a text file (.txt). The text file should consist of two columns with the required data (e.g. De and error). The values must be separated by a tab, comma, semicolon or a blank space. If you are satisfied with the result, you have the possibility to save your plots on your local PC. Optionally, the corresponding R code can be downloaded and used to reproduce the plot within your local R environment.

b) Advanced users
Another way is to run the apps in your local R-environment. Therefor you have to install the latest development version of the Luminescence-package and thereafter the Shiny-package. To take this way, it is recommended to be familiar with RStudio, and the R command line.

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